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Depression in Older Adults How to Recognize the Signs and Get Treatment that Works. Have you lost interest in the activities you used to enjoy? Do you struggle with

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In older adults, life changes can increase the risk for depression or make existing depression worse. Some of these changes are: A move from home, such as to a

Learn more about the symptoms and causes of depression, discover how to identify depression, and find out more about its link with older adults

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Depression is not a normal part of aging. This brochure describes the signs, symptoms, and treatment options for depression in older adults.

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Learn how the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of depression might be different for older adults.

Depression is a common problem among older adults, but it is NOT a normal part of aging. In fact, studies show that most older adults feel satisfied with their lives

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Depression is a true and treatable medical condition, not a normal part of aging. However older adults are at an increased risk for experiencing depression.

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What is depression in older adults? Depression is an illness that causes you to feel sad and hopeless much of the time. It is different from normal feelings of

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