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Presumably because he saw these Demi Lovato naked photos, John Mayer is now intimately acquainted with her sex parts, or “the merry-go-round” as Wilmer Valderrama

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John Mayer recently gave a performance on board a cruise, aptly named, “The Mayercraft Carrier,” which was a 3-day Caribbean cruise that left from Miami, FL on

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If You’ve Ever Wondered What Sex With DMX or John Mayer Is Like, Have We Got The Reddit Thread He might have had better luck if he didn’t ask her like Butt-head.

John Mayer meditates on masturbation in the new issue of Rolling Stone: “I am the new generation of masturbator. I’ve seen it all. Before I make coffee, I’ve

John Mayer used to be known for his loose lips, but now he’s lashing out at his ex, Taylor Swift, for humiliating him in ‘Dear John.’

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John Mayer’s ass is more of a neighborhood thing. by Anonymous: reply 11: 02/28/2008: Wow. I had no idea John had such a luscious bubble butt!

The douchiest quotes from singer John Mayer (douchebag), from his sex life with Jessica Simpson to his masturbation rituals. We all know that John Mayer is a giant

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John Mayer could be testing his white supremacist penis’ threshold for Armenians soon. He apparently went out with Kim Kardashian the other night who’s a

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John Mayer is very good looking most of the time, but he’s got that effeminate thing going on that, personally, leaves something to be desired. Reply. GG says:

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