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Mar 05, 2015 · Mark-Paul Gosselaar, 41, played heartthrob Zack Morris on Saved By The Bell, and now — 20 years later, he’s stealing attention again — from both men

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Saved By The.. censor strip! Mark-Paul Gosselaar, 41, poses upside down and NUDE as he promotes fitness competition. By Alexa Rae Johnson for MailOnline

Mark-Paul Gosselaar posed completely nude while gearing up for a fitness competition — check out the incredible photo

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar is in the best shape of his life! Two weeks ago, the Franklin & Bash actor and animator Ben Ceccarelli announced they are teaming up for CrossFit

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar appears to still be up to his old Saved By the Bell antics– only this time he’s in the best shape of his life. The 41-year-old actor posted a pic

Batter up! Mark-Paul Gosselaar and co-star Kylie Bunbury pose completely NUDE in sexy new photos for baseball show Pitch. By Christine Rendon For

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About Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Birth name: Mark-Paul Harry Gosselaar Born: March 1, 1974 Birth place: Panorama City, California, USA Nationality: American

Oh Zack Morris, my how you’ve grown. We’ve long known that Mark-Paul Gosselaar turned from lanky star into a bona fide adult actor (mostly

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar was born March 1, 1974 in Panorama City, California. His man, Hans Gosselaar, who is from the Netherlands, is of Dutch Jewish and German

Mar 05, 2015 · Mark-Paul Gosselaar shows off his completely naked body while hanging upside down at Crossfit Housepower gym. The 41-year-old actor, best known for his

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