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Oral argument gives you the opportunity to explain the legal reasons that support why you should win the appeal.

For Oral Arguments held after July 1, 2015, please visit the Live and Archived Oral Argument page. Court of Appeals Homepage Live and Archived Oral Argument Videos

Availability of Oral Argument Transcripts; Accessing Questions Presented in Granted and Noted Lists; Argument Sessions. Supreme Court Calendar (October Term 2016) (PDF)

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Deciding whether to have oral argument When you are deciding whether to participate in oral argument, remember that the judges will have already read the briefs, so

Oral argument in the United States The New York Court away with simply making speeches or reading their briefs when presenting oral argument to an appeal court

Performing Your First Appellate Oral Argument Oral arguments can be one of the most anxiety-producing, challenging, and at the same time, fun, experience for law

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Oral Arguments; Media Guidelines; Land and Tax Appeal Courts; Oral argument is only one part of the decision-making process and may not be held in every case.

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Tips on Oral Advocacy . Preparing for your argument? Except in response to questions, though, oral argument is not the time to recite the facts of the case.”

Many lawyers — especially those new to law practice — prepare for oral argument the when oral argument almost NEVER changes the outcome of an appeal?

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Appellate Division Checklist. Oral Argument . Any party to an appeal may request oral argument by filing with the Clerk’s office, no later than 14 days

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