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Aug 30, 2016 · What kind of lesbian are you? Are you a lipstick lesbian, a soft butch, a blue jean femme or sport dyke? What do all these labels and types mean?

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Which type of Lesbian are you? Answer Honestly, and find your inner lesbian. personality test. There are 97 Comments on this Quiz (View Comments) 1:

Aug 09, 2011 · A Guide to Types of Lesbians. Aug 10. After 5 years and 2 lesbian relationships later she still didn’t know what type of lesbian she was.

This tests helps you define what type of lesbian you are, whether you are a femm, stud, tomman, butch, or granola. On top of these catagories are different

So here they are, for your enjoyment—the 5 Main Types Of Scene Lesbian: The Butch . Now there’s no denying the attraction to this type of woman.

Don’t worry too much about who you actually are, just take this simple test to determine what kind of lesbian you are most like

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