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Cum dividend With dividend; said of a stock whose buyer is eligible to receive a declared dividend. Stocks are usually “cum dividend” for trades made on or before the

Cum-div is a short form of ‘cum dividend’ just as ‘ex-div’ stands for ‘ex dividend’. Dividend is one of the two main forms of reward to shareholders in a company.

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What is an ‘Ex-Dividend’ Ex-dividend is a classification of trading shares when a declared dividend belongs to the seller rather than the buyer. A stock will be given

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A share is said to be trading cum-dividend when the payment of a dividend is due in the near future and investors who buy the share now will receive the dividend.

Cum dividend definition, with a previously declared dividend included in the price of a stock (distinguished from ex dividend). See more.

What is ‘Cum Dividend’ Cum dividend, which means “with dividend,” is when a buyer of a security is entitled to receive a dividend that has been declared, but not paid.

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Definition of cum dividend: Share price that includes the right to receive the next dividend. Opposite of ex dividend.

cum div a quoted share which on disposal carries the right to a forthcoming dividend so that a purchaser of the shares acquires that right. See also EX DIV.

Cum-dividend (CD) comes before Ex-dividend (XD). A stock is said to be CD indicates that the company is paying out dividend in the near future which serves like

Definition of cum div. – Our online dictionary has cum div. information from The Oxford Dictionary of Abbreviations dictionary. English

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